Operating in over 128 countries around the world, AIESEC is an international platform where young people can discover and improve their potential for creating positive social effects. Its 3 different projects aim to provide young people with opportunities to visit foreign countries and achieve their goals.





We believe that leadership is not an inborn talent, but a trait that everyone can develop. Therefore, all our operations are compatible with the leadership development model.


Contribution to


At AIESEC, the goal of everything we do is to create positive social effects. You can be a leader for the world by joining AIESEC.


Personal and Professional


You can develop your social and technical skills, as well as your leadership traits, by volunteering for our teams.




By joining AIESEC, you will become part of a family with over 40,000 members who carry out activities in more than 120 countries, making life-long friends and gaining a global perspective.




What is Global Volunteer?

The Global Volunteer Project offers young people aged 18 – 30 the experience of volunteering for overseas projects in line with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals, and is a very important opportunity where you can positively contribute to the world for 4-12 weeks, improve your foreign language skills with foreign friends, and get the chance to learn about new cultures.

For detailed information: https://aiesec.org.tr/global-volunteer/


The Global Volunteer (GV) Experience from a Student’s perspective


Ömer Karapınar – Istanbul Technical University, Department of Chemical Engineering, Freshman

“I never thought that my life would change completely just by clicking on a web link, but that’s what happened a year ago. And thanks to this change, I will be able to affect hundreds of lives. AIESEC offers people the opportunity to discover parts of themselves they might otherwise never understand in a lifetime, and as a result of these experiences, turns them into leaders. I was so proud to train people of all ages and contribute to their development through the social responsibility project I was a part of. I always say, the best 6 weeks of my life were spent with AIESEC and I will always be grateful to all my foreign friends for their support while I was there.”


What is Global Entrepreneur?

You can join an internship in your department or another one that interests you, working on 6-12 week projects in a foreign country. Global Entrepreneur provides opportunities to get professional experience in foreign countries, and offers participants the means to discover their entrepreneurial and leadership skills by working in the creative settings of international start-up firms.

For detailed information: https://aiesec.org.tr/global-entrepreneur/


The Global Entrepreneur (GE) Experience from a Student’s perspective


İrem Deveci Bilgi University, Department of Trade and Business Administration, Junior

“I visited India a year ago with AIESEC’s Global Entrepreneur Program. I had an internship opportunity at a start-up in the field of digital marketing. I had many concerns before going to India, but the AIESEC branch there took care of me and did their best to solve all my problems during my 1 month stay. Of course, I had some difficulties, but what I experienced there helped me discover my potential. I got a lot of information about the Asian market and had the opportunity to promote my country. I felt strange at first, since this was my first internship experience, but towards the final weeks, I found myself completely adapted to both my work place and the country. It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in my life.”


What is Global Talent?

Global Talent is an international program that aims to provide new university graduates with the opportunity to acquire overseas professional experience in their fields of expertise. With Global Talent, new graduates put their theoretical knowledge into practice, and take a step ahead of their work life competitors by putting their talents to work in global companies or small enterprises, giving them the opportunity to get professional experience in an international setting.

For detailed information: https://aiesec.org.tr/global-talent/

The Global Talent (GT) Experience from a Student’s perspective


Ezgi Aktürk – Beykent University, Department of Translation and Interpretation Studies (Russian)

“Moscow. 700 students whose different stories I got to know in 3 months. 700 different lives that I had the opportunity to touch with my fingertips, my smile, and my glances, just like the first flutterings of a butterfly’s wings. The start of the storm that will change things years later. I rightly decided to go to Moscow for my AIESEC internship program for academic reasons. While I continued to work on my professional development, I also provided education to children who held my hand in their little ones until the end of our journey together. As we walked down the street, I told them what we saw in English and they told it to me in Russian, and we wrote new stories. AIESEC provided the roof for all these unique experiences. Physical things are temporary. What’s important is to gain experience in my opinion. To use these experiences to gain new perspectives on life. I would like to thank AIESEC for its teamwork that started in 1948 with the first flaps of a butterfly’s wings.