Summer Intern Announcement

Dear Koç University Students,

In regards with the 2023 – 2024 Academic year, the application procedure for the summer term voluntary and mandatory internship will start by 27 May 2024 and end with the commencement of the academic semester on 11 October 2024.

Our university shall pay for SSI with respect to voluntary and mandatory internships served between those dates.

The following considerations shall be applied with regards to voluntary and mandatory internships:

  • For the internship applications, the internship acceptance letter stating the starting and ending date of the internship can be submitted by filling the “Voluntary and Mandatory Internship Information Form” via the online system. The applications of the students who have not uploaded the internship acceptance letter via the online system shall be disregarded.
  • System registration should be completed at least 3 days prior to the start date of the internship as SSI entries must be notified in advance according to the law (Earliest possible date for SSI entries is one month before the start of the internship).
  • The date in the internship acceptance letter must necessarily conform with the date recorded into the online system. The students shall be responsible for any problems that may arise due to any difference between those dates.
  • In case of any changes in the duration of the internship (ending at an earlier or a later date), a new document should be received from the relevant corporation and the updated form should be filled out.
  • The online system shall only be accessible after the end of the academic year. Between the end and beginning of the academic year, multiple internships may be done in more than one organization, provided that the starting and ending dates are specified in advance. Separate applications should be made for each internship corporation. No application shall be accepted after the system is closed.
  • In case of starting another internship in the same month following the completed internship, you need to fill another “Voluntary and Mandatory Internship Information Form” for the second internship. Since no SSI entry and exit can be registered at the same month, it will be sufficient to submit the former SSI entry statement to the relevant firm.
  • In the “Family Dependent Health Insurance” section of the application, students are required to give information about whether they have already covered by any health insurance. Students who are dependent on their families (who are covered by a health insurance through a family member or whose health expenses are met by the health insurance of a family member) should mark “Yes” under that section; while students who are not dependent on their families should mark “No”.
  • Internship students cannot, under any circumstances, work at the university as a work&study within the same time corresponding to the internship term. Therefore, as of 2024 May 27, SSI entry of the students working under the scope of work&study will be de-registered. Students who will continue to work under the scope of work&study during summer are required to re-apply.
  • Internship students are necessarily required to register to the related internship course. Course registrations should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the relevant Faculty Academic & Administrative Coordinators and Assistants.
  • When your internship is over, you must prepare a report for the internship course you took and submit it to your relevant deanships.


For the College of Engineering,

  • Students who are required to complete their mandatory internship can follow the links for their respective departments.






  • The insurance of College of Engineering students who have graduated and are undertaking a mandatory internship will be covered by Koç University.
  • Students with a 100% dormitory scholarship who are doing a mandatory internship must enroll in the 291/391  internship courses if they want to stay in dormitories for free for up to 45 work days during the summer internship.
  • For detailed information about the internship process, please contact the Academic and Administrative Coordinators and Assistants of your College.
  • Before starting your internship, you can get your SSI Employment Start Declaration via e-government with the following steps.
  • Obtaining a Start of Employment Declaration Document
    • Log in to the e-Government system using your username and password. In the search bar type 4A Employment Entry and Exit Declaration. Click on the create document for employment entry button.

    • Download the file in PDF format and print it out.

Information Concerning 2024 Summer Term Dormitory Accommodation Requests in Connection with Internships

  • Only students doing compulsory internships are eligible to stay in the dormitories.
  • Compulsory internship accommodation in dormitories begins on July 1 and is available for a maximum of 45 days during the internship period.
  • The date entered during the dormitory application must match the date on the internship document.

You can apply for internship using the links provided below for each Faculty:

– CLICK for College of Engineering

– CLICK for College of Sciences

– CLICK for Law School

– CLICK for College of Administrative Sciences and Economics

– CLICK for College of Social Sciences and Humanities

 ATTENTION! : Students from School of Medicine and School of Nursing are not included in this internship process.