The Start Your Career Today mandatory seminar is a career-related seminar within the scope of the UNIV 101 course, which introduces you with career and professional development tools that you may need during and after your university life.

This 1 credit and 75 minutes seminar is instructed by Career Development Center staff. You will be introduced with the perspectives on career and career development concepts, and all the services of Career Development Center, which will support you during your university years and beyond. You will be guided regarding which steps to take in designing your career and achieving your goal.

In the seminar, you will have the opportunity to learn about the whole process as from your first year, i.e. starting by identifying your dreams and your targets, managing career development process by planning with small steps and taking the support of relevant people.

The most important step in your career journey is to start planning today. It is never too late or too early to build your career plan, the right time is today.



DOS 123 Career Management Elective Course is an elective for juniors and seniors. It aims to give theoretical information to our students whose graduation is approaching and give them some practice with some applications before they go into business world.
In order you to make the best Career Planning, you should first know yourself. In DOS 123 Career Management Elective Course, we aim that you know yourself, your needs, and fields of interest, skills, strengths and areas of development by using various self-assessment tools, under the title of “Journey to Myself”. We exercise Value Map in order you to find your values and core values, and examine how these values lead individual lives by enriching the classes with movie samples. The career options, which you will choose in parallel with your vocational interests and personal characteristics, will help you choose the best matching job and environment for you and maintain a long and happy career.

In the light of information, which we obtain during Journey to Myself, we gradually fill in the Career Map and approach to your career objectives step by step. After completing the stages of researching, discovering and getting information about the opportunities in the outside world, we experience the steps of Preparing CV, Improving Job Searching Skills, Networking and Interview Preparation.

Additionally, we invite guest speakers, who are from business life and have interesting career stories, to share their perspectives on their own careers.