I’m looking for an internship position. Could you help me?

KUCareerlink is the platform exclusive to KU students & alumni where you can search and apply to internship positions.

Talent Gate (Yetenek Kapısı) is a platform coordianted by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey – Human Resources Office. Register to Talent Gate with this link to see internship/job positions.

There are several other platforms you can use for internship search such as LinkedIN, Kariyer Net, Secret CV, YeniBirİş

Make an appointment with our career advisors to explore your career interests and learn internship search strategies.

What are the procedures for the mandatory internships?

You can find the General Internship Procedures here. Also, visit your department website Internship section to see the required steps you need to follow specific to your department.

Ayrıca, bölümünün web sitesinden zorunlu staj sürecinde izlemen gereken adımları, daha önce staj yapılan kurumları ve staj koordinatörlerinin isimleri gibi detayları bulabilirsin.

I don’t have a mandatory internship requirement. Can I have a voluntary internship position?

Internships help preparing for professional life, knowing more about the sectors and fields, and help you make informed choices. However, it should not negatively affect your success and participation in academic life. In this respect, it is not appropriate to do internship within the academic calendar (Fall and Spring terms). Koç University encourages students to make internships during the summer term. During the summer term, both mandatory and voluntary internship insurance is covered by the University. You can find the General Internship Procedure here.

For further information, please visit your deparment web site – internship section.

I’m a freshman. Can I find an internship?

Many organizations prefer the juniors and seniors as they believe completing basic academic courses will be beneficial in the internship process. That being said, there are organizations who design specific internship programs for freshman and sophomore students.

If you cannot find an internship opportunity as you want, you can also consider to participate in voluntary work, and work in work & study roles at the university.

How can I prepare for the internship interviews?

You can also participate in our career events including mock interviews, interview days. Follow our events from our website,’den emails, Instagram and LinkedIN pages.

I have an upcoming online internship interview. How can I prepare for online internship interview?

We created this guide to share tips and suggestions for online interviews.

You can also watch this video.