Meet with a Career Advisor

Self-Assessment Tools

Self-Assessment tools offer insight into your interests, needs and values. Career advisors will guide you through the tools and resources based on your needs.

You are required to meet with a career advisor prior to taking these assessments.

Online Career Advising

Online career advising is possible through Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other tools that you and your career advisor might suggest.

Make sure to include your preference and your online meeting ID in your appointment request.

General Career Advising

Career Advising is the primary service of the Career Development Center. You can request an appointment through KUcareerlink from the career advisors for the appropriate day and time. You can schedule a career advising appointment if you want to explore career options in your field of interest, if you are unsure about double major – minor field choices, need information on effective job and internship search and other career related subjects. Whether you have no idea on how to plan your career journey, or you know exactly what you want to do, whether you have just started university or it’s your last semester, our advisors are here to support you. Appointments are 30 or 60 minutes long based on your needs. Here are a few good reasons to request a career advising appointment;

  • Exploring yourself , identifying your interests, strengths and values and development areas
  • Getting to know about your career options, various industries and roles.
  • Finding job and internship opportunities
  • Developing strategies to maximize your employability

Interview Preparation

You can request an “Interview Preparation” appointment to get prepared for job and internship interviews. You can practice interviewing with our advisors by learning typical questions asked by employers, and receive feedback on your answers and representation.

Career Advising – Frequently Asked Questions

* Who can use the services that the Career Development Center offers?

All full-time , part-time and Exchange students of Koç University (undergraduate, masters and PhD students, and alumni) can use the services of the Career Development Center.

* What is KUcareerlink?

It is a special service provided by the Career Development Center exclusively for Koc University students and alumni. KUcareerlink is a platform where you can get appointment from our career advisors, search and apply for the job and internship posts, follow national or international summer school, student competition and scholarships announcements and access to all online sources accessible to Koc University students and alumni.

* Who can use KUcareerlink?

All students of Koç University (undergraduate, masters and PhD students) and alumni are eligible to use KUcareerlink.

*  How can I use KUcareerlink?

You can log in and start using the KUcareerlink page by entering your Koc University e-mail address as the user name, and your password to the password field.

* I have a KUcareerlink account; but I do not remember my password. What can I do?

KUcareerlink password is not the same as the other Koç University accounts. If you do not remember your password please click on “Forgot Password” to create a new password.

* How can I get a Career Advising appointment?

After logging in to your KUcareerlink account, please click on “Request New Appointment” under the “Career Advising” tab.

* No appointments are available on KUcareerlink. What should I do to book an appointment for an urgent matter?

Please send an e-mail to informing us about your situation. One of the career advisors will get back to you. Also, we have walk-in hours without appointment for your quick questions in line with the announcements made at the beginning of each term.

* Can I reschedule my appointment on the day if I can no longer attend that appointment?

You cannot reschedule an interview on the day of the appointment. Appointments must be cancelled/rescheduled at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

* How can I reschedule my Career Advising appointment?

After logging in to your KUcareerlink account, please click on “Counseling Appointment” under the “Calendar” tab. Click on “Reschedule” for the appointment you want to change.

* How can I cancel the appointment I take from the Career Advisor?

After logging in to your KUcareerlink account, please click on “Advising Appointment” under the “Calendar” tab. Click “Cancel” for the appointment you want to cancel.

* Is there any preparation I am supposed to make before the advising appointment?

For General Career Advising: You are expected to send your CV beforehand or bring it with you to your appointment. Career advising is set forth within the framework of a career goal or a general assessment of career steps agreed between advisor and you at the beginning of the appointment. Therefore, the content and process of the appointment may vary according to your phase on your career development. A general career advising appointment helps you to understand career fields of interest, to identify career goals accordingly, and to clarify your own values, skills and strengths. Personality and interest inventories are used based on your needs.

Graduate School Planning

If you have not make your decision to pursue an advanced degree yet, we recommend that you have a “Career Advising” appointment to clarify your goals.

You can check out our Useful Resources Page, «Graduate School Planning» section to access general resources about searching graduate programs, and scholarships.

For Reviewing CV and Cover Letter:

This web page provides you with resources and samples to create CV & Cover Letter. You are expected to send your CV / Cover Letter draft to your career advisor before the appointment or to bring printed versions with you.

For Statement of Purpose (SoP) Preparation:

Graduate school application requirements often include a Statement of Purpose which outlines your background and motivation for wanting to pursue a graduate degree in a specific field and University.

Career Development Center, Writing Center, and ELC Departments are ready to support you in preparing and developing your Statement of Purpose.

For details please find attached the SoP Document.