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Events & Seminars

«Careers in …» Events

These are the events organized in specified periods during the year in order to introduce various sectors and alternative lines of work. There are Company Info Sessions, Open Office and Field Visits, Mock Interviews, Case Studies, Recruitment and Alumni Panels on Campus (in cooperation with Alumni Relations Office and Alumni Association) and similar events within the programs. We recommend that our students attend the events both about their own majors and for having information about various majors

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Company Info Sessions

The company info sessions which are organized all year long within the scope of the “Careers in…” Events and on campus separately will be one of your most important information sources before the recruitment process. These sessions are organized by the institution officials selected by our students’ opinions on campus and as a guest of the Career Development Center. Enabling you to meet the employers personally, these sessions will give a chance to clarify your career options and to know the internship opportunities. You can follow the events at the link in order to attend the company info sessions.

Open Office & Field Visits

These are the visits which we organize to the offices, factories and R&D centers of companies and institutions in various industries in “Careers in…” Events in various times during the year. We aim that our students are closely acquainted with business world, make contact with professional executives and have detailed information about the industries.

Since various perspectives on life and career matter in people’s choices, it is aimed to bring you together with speakers as much as possible.

« Advance in Your Profession» Seminars

These are the seminars aiming to provide our students/alumni with prior occupational knowledge about issues they have interest in or they plan to expert on about business life and professional fields.

«Career Readiness » Seminars

These are the seminars organized to improve the skills students need during the transition from education life to corporate life.

Job Opportunities


KUcareerlink is a platform designed to meet your needs of career and bring you, employers and the Career Development Center together about career issues. By logging in to KUcareerlink, it is possible to make appointment with career counselors, to upload Curriculum Vitae, cover letter and other documents necessary for job application and apply for job and internship advertisements, and to register in events and company info sessions.

You can access the sources of GoinGlobal and Vault Career Insider, which are open only for Koc University students and alumni, through KUcareerlink.

We suggest you to log in to KUcareerlink regularly to apply for job and internship opportunities which are published and updated every day.

Internship Procedures

You will save time if you consult with your Academic Advisor and have information and opinion about which majors are suitable for you to intern. There are different requirements and procedures about internship for each program in our university. You can see the General Internship Produres document here.

After making the necessary preliminary preparation, you can research the internship opportunities by using the resources of the Career Development Center and get an appointment from our Career Advisors in order to determine the institutions where you will intern, internship positions and how to connect with people from professional life.

For your internship to be valid, it is important that you follow the compulsory internship procedure for the programs especially within Engineering Faculty. It is useful that you know the Internship Terms and preparation steps determined for each program.

Computer Engineering | Internship Steps & Procedure

Electrical and Electronic Engineering| Internship Steps & Procedure

Industrial Engineering | Internship Steps & Procedure

Chemistry and Biology Engineering | Internship Steps & Procedure

Mechanical Engineering | Internship Steps & Procedure


What Can I Do With My Major?

You can see the “What Can I Do With This Major” content here which is an international study of Tennessee University about the majors where various program alumni can generally work.

The detailed information you can see by clicking on the headings below are adapted to our university from the study in the link and by the Career Development Center; and prepared based on on recent job ads and our alumni’s data in order to provide insight about career, job and higher education choices.

This information does not represent any advice of a certain industry, area, organization, company or academic institution. The potential job opportunities, industries, job ads, organizations and academic institutions are not limited to the ones written here. There may be other opportunities except for the ones written here.

Visit What Can I Do With This Major page to learn more about specific industries, companies, academic institutions our graduates are working in.



AIESEC is one of the largest exchange programs in the World which provides social responsibility projects and international internship and job opportunities to university students and young professionals.

For further information please visit


Academic Career

There are various factors to take into consideration when planning your education beyond a bachelor’s degree. Here are 3 steps that can facilitate your graduate planning process.

1- Exploring

The best place to start your graduate school search is by asking yourself a few questions.

-What is graduate school? – Should I go to graduate school? – How do I choose a graduate program?

It is important to decide upon the major in order to determine your academic direction. There are some general and specific higher education graduation degrees such as MSc (Master of Science), MA (Master of Arts) and MBA (Master of Business Administration). You can clarify this with our Career Advisors.

If you want to maintain your higher education abroad and become an academician, you can see some general information from here.

2- Preparing


The initial step in applying to a graduate or professional school is to research application deadlines. You can develop a personal timeline for when to submit language test scores such as TOEFL, IELTS;

Academic aptitude tests such as GRE, GMAT, LSAT; other supporting documents such as letters of recommendation and statement of purpose.


Funding could be a major factor in selecting graduate school.Visit our Useful Resources page to learn more about scholarships and fellowships.

3- Applying

Monitoring the Application Process

There will be several documents you’ll need to submit to apply to graduate school. You should carefully review the application requirements on the official website of every school you’ll be applying to.

Preparing the Statement of Purpose (SoP)

The Statement of purpose is an essay that addresses why you’re applying and why you’re a goood candidate, how you would contribute to this area and your future plans. Page requirements will vary but it’s typically two pages long. You can request an appointment from our SOP Advisors to have a professional review on your drafts.

Recommendation Letter

Recommendation letters are an essential part of the graduate school applications. Depending on the porgram you are applying to, universities might explicitly ask recommendation letters only from professors, or from both professors and employers. When asking someone for a recommendation letter it is crucial that you pick the right person who know you well and can provide an evaluation of your ability to perform and succeed at the graduate level.

About Academic Career

It requires a good preparation and planning to apply for PhD programs. If you want to become an academician by pursuing PhD education or want to maintain your academic career abroad, you can see some general information from the links in Useful Resources.