How You Can Support Them

As the Koç University Career Development Center, we provide all necessary services and support for our students and young alumni to manage their careers effectively.

We design our services so that they explore themselves and their options better, design their careers step by step, improve their decisions and processes by starting to gain experience at school and by making an inference out of these experiences, and transfer the knowledge, skills and experience they gain into their future careers and their lives.

We pay attention to support our students in their career development process not only in university environment, but also in their social environment. We believe that the support and contribution from their families is very important in this process which is crucial for their lives.

How can you support our students as their families?

– By giving constructive feedback by asking them questions to increase their awareness of fields of interest, skills, talents and values and listening to their answers tolerantly and patiently

–  By directing them to right resources to convey knowledge and experience and to field their questions during they research career alternatives,

– By observing and giving feedback as objectively as possible in this process when they discover themselves and their options,

– By supporting them in deciding with their free will without directing them all the way,

– By becoming a supporter and agent in steps to provide experience (such as internship, job experience, extracurricular event, voluntary services),

– By keeping informed about the services and events provided by our Center and encouraging our students to use our services and attend our events.

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