Explore | Keşfet

Self Awareness – External Awareness – Bringing Them Together

– What are my needs?
– What are my values?
– What are my skills, abilities and interests?
– What are the opportunities which match with my strengths?
– What may be my career options?

Design | Tasarla

Ask/Consult-Obtain Deeper Information-Focus Get Prepared

– What is my vision about my career?
– What kind of strategies do I need to design my career?
– How can I use my strengths to reach my goals?
– Who are the key people to support me?

Improve | Geliştir

Experience – Evaluate – Improve

– Do I have sufficient information and experience to decide about my career?
– Do I have a Plan B for my career path?
– What can I do to increase my career options?
– What are my development areas?

Transfer | Aktar

Build Your Network-Follow the Future Trends-Reflect on Today

– Do I know about future trends?
– Am I an effective networker?
– Regarding the future trends, what can be my career options?