Move Your Career Forward

Mock Interview Days and Recruitment on Campus

With the Mock Interview Days, which we organize every year in December as the Career Development Center, it is aimed to contribute to our students’ professional development and them to experience the interview processes of companies. The mock interviews are organized without a recruitment aim, by modeling a real interview experience by the officials of related institutions and by giving feedback to you afterwards.

Recruitment Interviews on Campus enable that you are brought together with institutions on our university campus and have the opportunity to be interviewed and employed for internship, part-time and full-time positions within the scope of “Careers in…” Events or separately. The institutions wishing to incorporate young talents execute one on one or group interviews, examinations, case studies and assessment center applications with our senior students and young alumni on our campus. We recommend that you attend these events that you find suitable in accordance with your requirements.

Career Readiness Seminars

These are the seminars organized for you to develop your skills necessary for adopting a corporate life after education life. Some of the projected seminar titles are:

·     Job Searching and Interview Skills

·     Interview Skills for Engineers

·     Preparing CV and Cover Letter

·     Networking Skills

·     Professional Image Management

·     Assessment Center Applications

·     Case Analysis Applications

·     Commercial Perspective and Business Acumen

·     Business Skills in Different Cultures

 “Advance in Your Profession” Seminars

These are the seminars aiming to provide you with prior occupational knowledge about issues you have interest in or you plan to expert on about business life and professional fields. Some of the projected seminar titles are:

·     Curatorship for Beginners

·     Investment Banking

·     Management Consultation

·     Financial Analysis

·     Digital Marketing

·     Advertising and Creative Writing

·     Retail Management

·     Culture & Art Management

·     Luxury brand Management

·     Supply Chain Management