How We Can Cooperate

Thank you for your interest in Koç University students and alumni!

The Career Development Center serves for the students and alumni from all programs of Koc University. We provide a wide range of resources for you employers to improve your recognition on campus, enhance your employer brand and reach our students and alumni. If you would like to give a seminar about the topics mentioned below or different topics that you suggest, you can reach to us.

We are excited about the future cooperation with you.

Publishing Advertisement

The Career Development Center offers a platform where you can announce your job and internship opportunities to our students and alumni. It enables you to publish your job and internship advertisements all year long free of charge.

You can register to KUcareerlink in order to publish your company’s job and internship ads. After creating your member account, you can define qualifications, preferred application methods and deadline for your job advertisements. Please click to create an employer account.

You can send an e-mail to for your questions about membership to KUcareerlink.

«Careers in…» Events

The Career Days enables employers to provide career opportunities, case study, assessment center applications and to carry out interviews for internship, part-time and full-time positions in Koç University.

It is important that you consider the Career Days’ dates, academic calendar or student events before you plan your recruitment events on campus in order to participate in the events which we organize all year long to introduce various industries and lines of work to our students as much as possible. You can contact us on to plan an event.

Please click here to see event program

You can contact us to participate in the events specified in program.

Info Sessions and Case Contests

The company info sessions which you organize on campus all year long constitute an inseparable part of your recruitment process. These sessions will make you visible on campus, enable you to meet our students and young alumni who seek full-time job and give you a chance to know younger students who search career options or internship opportunities. You can contact us from to organize a company info session.

Mock Interview Days

Mock interview Days give students the opportunity for a practice, hands-on interview experience.

The purpose of this interviews are not recruitment but help students understand employers’ recruitment process and improve their interviewing skills with the feedback they receive from he participant companies’ HR professionals.

Mock interview days contribute positively to the employer’s brand and help companies fulfill social responsibility goals.

Open Office and Field Visits

The visits which we organize to the offices, factories and R&D centers of companies and institutions in various industries enable our students from all programs and years to be closely acquainted with business world, to make contact with professional executives and ask their questions about the industries.

You can contact us to participate in the events specified in program.

Participating in Seminars

You can contribute to our students’ improving career preparation skills and being informed about various industries and job ads by supporting the seminars organized by the Career Development Center. You can contact us to participate in the events specified in program.

The seminars planned to be organized in next academic year are as follows;

«Career Readiness » Seminars

They are the seminars organized to improve the skills students need during the transition from education life to working life.

Sample seminar topics are:

♦ Job Searching and Interview Skills

♦ Interview Skills for Engineers

♦ Preparing CV and Cover Letter

♦ Networking Skills

♦ Professional Image Management

♦ Assessment Center Applications

♦ Case Analysis Applications

♦ Commercial Perspective and Business Acumen

♦ Business Skills in Different Cultures

♦ Digital Conversion

♦ Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals

« Advance in Your Profession» Seminars

These are the seminars aiming to provide our students/alumni with prior occupational knowledge about issues they are interest or they plan to specialize inregarding to business life and professional fields. You can contact us for the seminars you would like to organize about the following topics or the topics you may recommend.

Past Seminars Topics: 

♦ Curating

♦ Corporate Life

♦ Investment Banking

♦ A Glance at Arts and Cultural Heritage Management

♦ Sports Management

♦ Industry 4.0

♦ Web Page and Portfolio Design with WordPress

Possible Seminar Topics:

♦ Digital Marketing

♦ Advertising and Creative Writing

♦ Retail Management

♦ Luxury Brand Management

♦ Supply Chain Management

♦ Sustainability

♦ Social Entrepreneurship

«Participation Certificate Programs »

These are the seminar series on a specific subject, which are presented by subject matter experts and awarded with a certificate of participation for full series attendance.