Job Shadowing Program



  • To create early opportunities for students to learn about professional life
  • To introduce alternative career opportunities based on skills and areas of interest for future liberal arts graduates
  • To provide an additional medium for employers to contact potential interns


  • College of Sciences: Students of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics Departments
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Students of Archeology and History of Arts, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Media and Visual Arts, English Language and Comparative Literature Departments
  • College of Administrative Sciences and Economics: Business Administration, Economics, International Relations Departments
  • College of Engineering: Students of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Departments
  • Students of the Faculty of Law
  • Freshman and Sophomore students shall be given priority
  • The target group will be determined based on companies’ needs.



@ The Company

  • Identifying the departments that will support the project
  • Selecting the mentors
  • Designating the dates and duration of the program with Career Development Center
  • Determining the profile criteria of participating students from among the target group
  • Determining the number of participants
  • Planning the program agenda
  • Determining the program evaluation criteria together with Koç University Career Development Center
  • Matching students with mentors
  • Arranging preliminary interviews between students and their mentors (telephone, Skype)
  • Evaluating the program (Evaluating the feedback from the companies’ perspective

@Koç University Career Development Center

  • Determining the program evaluation criteria together with Koç University Career Development Center
  • Designating the dates and duration of the program with company.
  • Making announcements to the target groups
  • Collecting applications
  • Matching students with mentors
  • Conducting orientations for students selected to the program
  • Keeping track of the student-mentor preliminary interview process
  • Organizing student transportation from campus to the company (applicable if a single day is determined)
  • Collecting feedback from students and the company


  • Engaging in the Orientation Program that is provided by Career Development Center prior to the Job Shadowing Program
  • Participating fully to the Job Shadowing Program in the employer’s office
  • Filling in the Program Evaluation Survey upon completing the program

PROGRAM AGENDA (may change depending on the employers’ availability)

  • Meeting and company introduction
  • Spending a work day together with the mentor
  • Attending department meetings as an observer
  • Having deep dive info meetings with department employees
  • Writing personal reflection (Testimonial)
  • Filling out the program evaluation survey


What They Said About Job Shadowing…

  • Before going to gittigidiyor for job shadowing, I had wondered about how a large company was run and what its environment was like. Since I had previously worked for a small company, I often asked myself how a larger company would be different. With the job shadowing program, I found answers to my questions. I got to know the company culture, met with people who are experts in their fields and was able to answer all of my questions during the day. Therefore, I can say that the program helped me, and I’d recommend it to friends who have similar questions.


Özgür Budak, Mathematics, Sophomore


  • I was very excited when applying to the Career Development Center’s Job Shadowing program because I had never been in any kind of corporate environment. With this program, I was able to overcome my excitement. Because the mentors waiting for us there were very friendly and kind. We spent the whole day with them and in the electronic sales department that I had no information nor experience about, I was able to see every single thing they did. They even allowed us to attend meetings. The most important thing this program gave me was that I realized how to act in such environments. I was able to observe everyone and gain a lot of impressions. Another important thing was after spending time there and meeting Psychology graduates also working there, now I know that I have the chance to work for such a company, too. Thank you for everything. Best regards,


Büşra Tekeli, Psychology, Sophomore


  • The mentors we were matched with for job shadowing at Gittigidiyor were extremely attentive. They answered all of our questions, and even explained many things that they thought were important. Frankly, I haven’t expected this program to be that useful. It was a great opportunity for me to understand what to expect in the future.


Bulut Bulgu, Mathematics, Sophomore

Job Shadowing Program with Gittigidiyor - October 27th 2017

Job Shadowing Program with Hilti - October 12th 2018