General Career Counseling

This is one of the key services of Career Development Center for Koc University’s undergraduate, masters and PhD students studying in all programs and young alumni. You can request direct appointment from the relevant counselor via KUcareerlink with user information identified for you, as our students. It is a service you can utilize to clarify your questions about your career, your choices about double major and minor areas, when you look for information about internship-job searching resources and methods, etc. Our counselors give support about various topics according to your requirements, during the 50 minutes long counseling meetings. Some of these topics:

  • Self-awareness, self-assessments and career development
  • Career options, industries and fields
  • Paths to follow for finding internship and job opportunities
  • Clarifying career plans by considering personal interests, knowledge, skills and competences

Please log in your KUcareerlink  account and click on Request a Counseling Appointment for getting an appointment from our career counselors. If you do not have an account yet, you can enter your information through the link and apply or you can contact us on for your questions.

Self-Assessment Tools

Before meeting our counselors or depending on your need, you can start to discover more about yourself by using the personality inventories, interest inventories and other tools which the Career Development Center provides.

Planning for Graduate School

Our students, who plan to pursue an academic career or would like to continue their academic development for further specialization, can visit the Career Development Center for receiving support in planning the process.

Review of Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter & Statement of Purpose

You can contact Career Development Center if you need support in CV review want feedback regarding cover letter which you prepare for project or job application processes, and want to consult on writing a statement of purpose for postgraduate applications.

Interview Preparation

You can make an “Interview Preparation” appointment in order to be prepared for the interviews during internship and job seeking process, to review possible questions in interviews and to have feedback and experience about the best possible self-representation.

Career Counseling – Frequently Asked Questions

* Who can use the services that the Career Development Center offers?

All full-time and periodic students of Koc University (undergraduate, masters and PhD students, and alumni) can use the services of the Career Development Center.

* What is KUcareerlink?

It is a special service provided by the Career Development Center exclusively for Koc University students and alumni. KUcareerlink is a platform where you can get appointment from our career counselors, view CV/Statement of Purpose samples, prepare CV/Statement of Purpose via using a template, upload CV/Statement of Purpose from your computer, search and apply for the job and internship announcements, follow national or international schools, competitions and scholarships announcements and access to all online sources accessible to Koc University students and alumni.

* Who can use KUcareerlink?

All full-time and periodic students of Koc University (undergraduate, masters and PhD students) and alumni are eligible to use KUcareerlink.

* How can I use KUcareerlink?

You can log in and start using the KUcareerlink page by entering your Koc University e-mail address as the user name, and your password to the password field.

* I have a KUcareerlink account; but I do not remember my password. What can I do?

KUcareerlink password is not the same with the other Koc University accounts. If you do not remember your password please click on “Forgot Password” to create a new password.

* How can I get a Career Counseling appointment?

After logging in to your KUcareerlink account, please click on “Request an Appointment” under the “ADVISING” tab.

* No appointments are available on KUcareerlink. What should I do to book an appointment for an urgent matter?

Please send an e-mail to informing us about your situation. One of the career counselors will get back to you. Also, we have walk-in hours without appointment for your quick questions in line with the announcements made at the beginning of each term.

* Can I change the day or time of the appointment with my Career Counselor on the day of the appointment?

You can only make changes to your career counseling appointment minimum a day before through the system.

* How can I change the date or time of my Career Counseling appointment?

After logging in to your KUcareerlink account, please click on “Counseling Appointment” under the “Calendar” tab. Click on “Reschedule” for the appointment you want to change.

* How can I cancel the appointment I take from the Career Counselor?

After logging in to your KUcareerlink account, please click on “Counseling Appointment” under the “Calendar” tab. Click “Cancel” for the appointment you want to cancel.

* Is there any preparation I am supposed to make before the counseling?

For General Career Counseling: You are expected to prepare and send your CV beforehand or bring it with you to your appointment. Career counseling is set forth within the framework of a career goal or a general assessment of career steps agreed between the counselor and counselee at the beginning of the appointment. Therefore, the content and process of the appointment may vary according to your phase on your career development. A general career counseling appointment helps to understand your fields of interest, to identify career goals accordingly, and to clarify your own values, skills and strengths. Personality and interest inventories are used if necessary to help the student understand him/herself better and identify potential career paths.

For Masters and PhD Planning: Before coming to your appointment, you are expected to identify the reason why you need to study higher education and decide whether you will study in Turkey or abroad. If you have not decided about this issue yet, we recommend that you have a “Career Counseling” appointment with our Career Counselors and clarify your need. If you review the steps in “About Academic Career” in the link and clarify your preferences of university/major/country before the appointment, it will be possible to plan the future process efficiently.

MBA and Business Administration Master’s Degree Planning:  You are expected to prepare by accessing some general information through the links under the “Higher Education Planning” heading in “Useful Resources”  before coming to the appointment. You can see the current ranking of the Business Schools through Vault that you can access by logging in with your KUcareer link account. Also, reviewing the steps in “About Academic Career” and clarifying your preferences of university/major/country before the appointment, will ensure a more efficient counseling meeting.

For Reviewing CV and Cover Letter: Please click on “Document Library” under “Resources” on KUcareerlink page. View “Sample CV Handbook” by proceeding on the list. Here you will find what you should pay attention when writing a CV and how you should prepare your CV, depending on your grade. The appointment would be more efficient if you create your own CV on “Resume Builder” tab next to the Document Library after reviewing this document and bring it with you to the appointment.

For Statement of Purpose (SoP) Preparation:  You can contact Sarah Kılınç [] or Erin Todey [] for your meeting demands of Statement of Purpose review.

Please send your Statement of Purpose drafts at least 24 hours before the meeting hour which you will determine together.

Each student has the right to receive this service maximum 3 hours/times.

For Interview Preparation: Please share your CV with Career Counselor before the appointment. Inform the Career Counselor about whether you would like to have a mock interview or you would like to have information about the interview preparation process. If you will have an interview with a certain company, please send the counselor the name/description of the job to be applied for, before the appointment.