What Can I Do With This Major?

From the link, you can reach the content of  What Can I Do With This Major, which is an international study on which major graduates can work in which areas, fields and jobs. It is produced by the University of Tennessee’s Center for Career Development. The detailed information you will get by clicking on the headings below is based on the work in “What Can I Do With This Major” link and adapted to our university by our Career Development Center. It is based on recent job announcements and data from our graduates to give you an idea of career, job and higher education options.

This information is not a recommendation of a particular sector, area, institution, company or academic institution. It is only to give an idea of possible business opportunities, sectors, fields of business, institutions, companies and academic institutions where graduates from different majors can work. The options  are not limited to what is written here.


Colleges and Schools


College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Archaeology and History of Art


Media and Visual Arts

Comparative Literature





College of Administrative Sciences and Economics


Business Administration

International Relations


Law  School



College of Sciences




Molecular Biology and Genetics


College of Engineering 

Computer Engineering

Electric and Electronic Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


School of Nursing



School of Medicine

School of Medicine


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