Our Services

Who can use the services that the Career Development Center offers?

All full-time and periodic (undergraduate, masters and PhD) students of Koc University and alumni can use the services of the Career Development Center.

How can I use the services that the Career Development Center offers?

Career Development Center works between the hours of 9:30 – 16.30 on weekdays. Our Career Advisors allocates certain times between these hours for Meetings with Appointment in line with their own agenda.

To make an appointment, a platform named as KUcareerlink is used where each student can access with their own user information.

Details for events/seminars and other organizations of Career Development Center are announced via emails and social media tools specifically for the organization.

How can I get an appointment for the services within Career Counseling?

After logging in to your KUcareerlink account, please click on “Request an Appointment” under the “Advising” tab.


What kind of a platform is KUcareerlink?

It is a special service provided by the Career Development Center. KUcareerlink is a platform where you can get appointment from our career advisors, upload CV/Statement of Purpose from your computer, view and apply for the published job and internship announcements, follow national/international school/competition/scholarship announcements and access to all sources open to Koc University students and alumni.

Who can use KUcareerlink?

All students of Koc University (undergraduate, masters and PhD students) and alumni are eligible to use KUcareerlink.

How can I use KUcareerlink?

You can log in and start using the KUcareerlink page by entering your Koc University e-mail address as the user name, and your password to the password field.

have a KUcareerlink account; but I do not remember my password. What can I do?

KUcareerlink password is not the same with the other Koc University accounts. If you do not remember your password please click on “Forgot Password” to create a new password.

No appointments are available on KUcareerlink. What should I do to book an appointment for an urgent matter?

Please send an e-mail to career@ku.edu.tr informing us about your situation. One of the career advisors will get back to you.

Can I change the day or time of the appointment with my Career Advisor on the day of the appointment?

You can only make changes to your career advising appointment minimum a day before through the system. After logging in to your KUcareerlink account, please click on “Advising Appointment” under the “Calendar” tab. Click on “Reschedule” or “Cancel”.

How can I stop receiving e-mails from the Career Development Center?

If you do not want to receive information e-mails about the activities of Career Development Center, you can send an e-mail to career@ku.edu.tr.